Manababa is a service that makes it easy to start 'teaching, and 'learning' online.

You can experience all kinds of learning from a single session, anytime, anywhere. As a learner, you can provide input as well as the output of your own skills that you have developed from all your experiences.

We believe that everyone is a beginner at first. We believe it is essential to bring in new insights and learnings in order to discover the unknown.

I think everyone has had the experience of wanting to learn something, but not being able to take the first step, whether it's okay to spend the money to go to a school, etc., or to wait until you're a little calmer.

With manababa, it's easy to experience. A picture is worth a thousand words, and there's no better way to learn something than to experience it for yourself.

With manababa, you'll enjoy learning. As for the teaching side, anyone can become a teacher. Whether you are teaching on the side or as a housewife, a retired person who wants to teach for a second life, or a college student who has been studying hard for a university entrance exam, you can put your outstanding skills to work.

The latest information is posted on Twitter and notes. Follow us for the latest product updates.

Follow us for the latest product updates.

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Company name
Gakuto Yamakawa
1-22-1F, Shurigibocho, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan
July 2020.
  • Provision, intermediation and mediation of information provision services, as well as information and communication services using the Internet and other communication lines
  • Information service business related to travel, tourism, theater, sports, culture, nature and education using the Internet
Capital stock
800 million yen