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I'm good at humanities subjects, but sometimes I want to ask questions about science subjects. Not every time, but I go to prep school?

It's hard to juggle club activities and cram school. It would be nice if I could have lessons even when the cram school is not open.

I want to teach what I'm good at online, but I don't know how to get started.

I have a part-time job as a tutor, but I can't go on longer trips because I'm held back twice a week.

A text-only exchange online would take too long. I'd really like to ask you in person, but I don't know anyone at.


Want to try your hand at 'teaching' with manababa?

I'm good at teaching, but I'm not ready for the job yet. I have a main job, but I'm interested in teaching Online, it's easy to get started.


This is a service where you can easily start to 'learn' and 'teach' online.

Have you ever wanted to learn something but thought it was too costly to go to school from scratch? manababa is a service that provides an online venue for people to take their first steps with ease